FMA Students are challenged to learn a new ‘form’ at each belt rank level they achieve. In the context of Taekwondo the term taegeuk refers to a set of ‘forms’ used to teach Taekwondo. A form is a defined pattern of defense-and-attack motions. Each belt rank has its own form associated with it and as such, students must learn and master these forms as part of their curriculum and are tested on the execution of the form during belt rank testing. Each belt rank form consists of increased number of steps or moves so as the student progresses through each rank, their techniques, range of motion, focus and memorization improves significantly.

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FMA Students will be provided the opportunity to test at the end of each session. Ranks are awarded upon successful testing in half color rank increments. Occasionally, a student may excel at their training, and exceed expectations set for a given session and as such may be awarded a full color rank. The last day of each session, new ranks and belts will be awarded during a belt rank graduation ceremony in the Mason-Motz Gym.

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Belt Ranks

New students with no previous training or ranks will begin the program at White Belt. Students entering from another program or school who hold a color or black belt rank will be assessed by FMA and a determination of rank placement will be issued and the student will begin at the FMA issued rank.