Welcome New FMA Families!

We extend a warm welcome to all our new families! Here is what you can expect in starting here at FMA as well as some words of wisdom for parents of a shy child. The first couple of classes in every session can be a little hectic with new student check-ins and issuing of uniforms, as well as after class with our nightly announcements including an overview of our ‘Black Belt Way’ Home Recognition Star Program, all the while students for the next class are entering the studio. With that, I promise that after the first week, we settle in nicely to the routine of training.

As a new student of martial arts, it is not uncommon for your child to be a little apprehensive or anxious, but know that we are here to make the transition as smooth as possible and win their trust. Some of our younger students may feel too shy to enter the studio initially and we understand that it can be a little scary for them, but rest assured, with a little encouragement they soon realize it is not scary at all. They may need to attend a class or two, or perhaps having you with them in the studio for the first couple of classes will help, but in short order they learn that FMA is a super fun place to be! In fact, we have yet to lose a student to their initial fears, and soon you will see that they can’t wait to get to class.

PRO Tip: Here is a tip for parents of a shy child having difficulty getting started. Arrive to the studio early!! It can become an insurmountable effort to get a shy child to enter the studio if all the other students are already in attendance and class is underway. So arrive 10 or so minutes before class starts so they can become comfortable first. I can’t emphasize enough how helpful and effective this approach is.

If you are a parent of a really shy or scared student, know that Martial Arts is one of the best ways for shy children to find themselves and develop confidence. Sometimes it takes a while for extremely shy children to feel comfortable being on the studio floor away from Mom and Dad, but we help them with little nudges towards independence while respecting their personal comfort level. Some of the best students to have achieved the rank of Black Belt began their training in tears at the side of the studio. All we ask, is to not give up! Let them know that it’s okay to be a little nervous, and that many students are, and assure them that we promise to make their time with us as fun as possible! Tell them that ‘They Can Do It! 🙂

In closing; should you have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s transition, our approach, or our training, please do not hesitate to speak with myself or Mr. Spang. We are completely dedicated to the success of each and every child who come through our doors, and will make every effort to make their time with us everything you and they hoped it would be.

Welcome to Falmouth Martial Arts!


— Mr. P.

Falmouth Martial Arts (FMA)