FMA Uniform, Recognition & Patches

Student Uniform

Students are provided a Student uniform upon arriving at their first class at no cost. Each uniform is branded on the front and back with the FMA logo, is a cotton/poly blend and is machine washable and dryer safe. Students are expected to wear a clean uniform for all classes unless otherwise instructed by FMA. Occasionally, FMA will hold ‘T-shirt Day’, especially on hot summer days. You will be notified of these days in advance. Uniforms should be clean at all times and be sure to always remember to bring your belt! Students with long hair should tie their hair back securely during training.

Recognition and & Patches

Students have the opportunity to be recognized for their efforts outside the studio by taking the principals that we teach in the studio and practicing those lessons in their daily lives, both at home and school. These principals include showing respect and courtesy and practicing self-control, honor and integrity. Parents utilize FMA weekly home reporting sheets which the student brings to class once per week indicating their success in practicing these principals.

At the end of each class, we recognize their efforts by awarding them various colored stars (each with its own meaning) which they affix to the recognition progress chart in class. Upon successfully reaching 25 stars, they are awarded a Patch for their uniform. This recognition is a positive reinforcement technique that the children love, and so do their parents!

Of special note; recognition of this sort is very exciting for the students and instills a sense of accomplishment which usually motivates them ever further in their Taekwondo training and how they carry themselves in their daily lives.

We call our program the FMA – Black Belt Way.

FMA Black Belt Way

Below is a chart showing the different types of recognition our students practice, and their respective color stars. This program is specifically designed for our Little Ninja and Beginner students. Students bring their reporting sheets to and from class each week. Recognition is held at the end of each class for students reporting their progress at home and school — the lessons they learn in the studio.



Patches are worn on the student’s uniform in specific locations as shown in the diagram below. Be sure to note the exact position before affixing. Patches are iron-on, but may be sewn or glued on using fabric adhesive. Be sure if you are ironing, that ample heat and pressure is applied so the glue from the patch melts thoroughly. We recommend approximately 8 minutes of heat and pressure and then stack heavy books atop the patch and let set for at least 4 hours. Generally overnight is perfect.

Earning Patches

American Flag Patch: Upon reaching the first set of 25 stars from the FMA Recognition Program, the student will earn their first patch which is the American Flag Patch which is affixed to the right shoulder of the uniform.

Korean Flag Patch: Upon reaching the second set of 25 stars, the student will earn the Korean Flag Patch which is affixed to the left shoulder of the uniform.

Taekwondo Honor Patch: Upon reaching the third set of 25 stars, the student will earn the Taekwondo Honor Patch which is affixed to the right chest of the uniform.

Special Completion Patch: Their is a ‘secret’ fourth patch which is awarded upon the completion of the FMA Recognition Program after successfully completing receipt of the fourth and last set of 25 stars.

Uniform & Patch Care

Wash and dry uniform according to washing instructions on the inside tag. However, we also recommend washing and drying the garment inside out to protect the patches from the agitator and direct heat.