Supporting Your FMA Student

Parents are encouraged not to ‘drop-n-go’ and instead stay in class and observe their child’s participation. As a parent of a FMA student, you will learn much about the program to better assist your child’s learning as they progress as well as support practicing at home. It is also important for your child to see your involvement through encouragement, support and recognition of your child’s daily class experiences and achievements.

Should you need to leave class, or drop-n-go for any reason and your child is 10 years of age or younger, you must assure FMA Management that you have arranged proper supervision of your child with another parent or guardian (not an FMA instructor or other student) before leaving.

Additionally, no student of any age will be allowed in class unless there are at least two adult supervisory persons present, either instructors, or parents.


FMA requires a Hold-Harmless Indemnity Form to be signed by all parents of participating students. No student shall participate in the FMA Program until a signed form is submitted by the parent or legal guardian. Indemnity forms are provided the first night of each class to new incoming students. Returning student indemnity forms will be kept on file ongoing and will not expire.

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